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Tonight: Calculus By and For Young People

Sorry for the late notice. I just got back from vacation. The event will be recorded for future viewing.

Calculus By and For Young People

The free webinar is part of Maria Droujkova's Math 2.0 Interest Group series.

During the event, Don Cohen-The Mathman will have participants graphing things they have never done before and understand what graphing an equation or function means. He will show how to use his latest creation- A Map to Calculus, originally just a poster, but with the help of a former student Jonathan Storm, is now clickable! Each spot on the Map links to his student's work and sample problems from his books. We can also ask Don questions about his past and present work with students ages four and up, his books, and his books that were translated into Japanese and sold in Japan.

Donald Cohen has been teaching math for 56 years. He has taught in Junior HS, college, worked with Dr. Robert B. Davis for about 15 years with The Madison Project training teachers, and developed student lessons on PLATO, a computer-based program at the U of Illinois. He co-founded and taught in The Math Program, a private program, tutoring children since 1976.

More information is here.

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