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Equalis Math community goes into beta

On August 2nd the Equalis Math community went from super-secret mode into a public beta. I'm super-excited to be part of a community dedicated to Math.

From the Equalis About Page:

Equalis is the innovative on-line destination for the mathematics community. It provides the most vibrant and far reaching math-centric community on the internet, enabling the free flow of ideas, cutting-edge research, open source software, problem solving, open innovation and job opportunities for individuals and organizations with a common interest in math and math-centric endeavors.

Equalis provides a number of community elements: blogs, groups, forums, and a calendar of Math-related events.

Last month, Equalis President and CEO Carmine Napolitano, contacted me and asked if I would blog for Equalis. I checked out the pre-beta community and said yes. I'll be writing a weekly column, to be published Fridays, on the goings-on in the Math blogosphere.

Wild About Math Blogs. For this series we specifically recruited Sol Lederman. We’ve been fans of his successful blog, Wild About Math since he started it. He’s developed quite a following as he has a distinct ability to help us see math, touch math, and appreciate math. While collaborating with him on a series for Equalis, we developed a concept around bringing the latest and greatest happenings from around the math blogosphere to the Equalis community. So with this, Sol will be providing us all an insightful and entertaining roundup of what’s interesting, hot, or controversial from week to week. Sol has had a celebrated 25 year career in computer programming, loves to exercise, and has a real gift with animals. He just got back from Peru and I can’t wait to see some pictures of Machu Picchu.

You may be interested in Carmine's Blog, Conjecture, and in a couple of other blogs to be hosted at Equalis:

UnBiased. Our UnBiased blog series is focused on – you guessed it - statistics. This stats-centric blog will cover a broad range of topics including stats applications, stats theory, and a few random stats topics that are bit more "ordinary” – like sports and astrology. We are happy to announce that Michael O’Brien has joined our Blogger Network and will be the force behind UnBiased. Michael is an experienced statistician with deep experience in the field of clinical research. Along the way, he’s also developed some serious hands-on time with SAS and R. As a result he’ll also be pitching in as a moderator on our R-forum. Look for his "Something to Think about Today In Case the World Ends Tomorrow” at the end of his blogs – very entertaining.

2Infinity. Our 2Infinity blog takes a welcomed detour from the industrial grade math topics on our site and focuses on math in our everyday lives. For this series we turned to talented kids who are whizzes in math and have a real passion for the subject matter. The name of the series depicts the infinite potential these kids have if they continue to pursue math. It might also convey the infinite number of topics they want to write about. In the end, they’ll be writing about how they see math in their everyday lives. No, they won’t be writing about their most recent math exams or how their teachers give them too much homework. Instead, I believe you’ll enjoy the clarity in which they see math in the world around them. This series was suggested by several members of the Equalis community. After all, we were all touched by math as children. As I work with them on organizing the blog series, I can’t help but feel the enthusiasm they show for math. I’m also inspired by them. I’m sure you will be too. The founding members of our 2Infinity blog are, Daniel Chiquito, Kaavya Jayram and Nathaniel Stearns.

Check out Equalis. Visit in the forums, create your own, and check out the groups. You'll need to register to use the services in the community but membership is free.

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  1. Thanks for the great feature and we’re very excited about having you blog for us!

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