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Ti-84 Plus Silver Edition giveaway winner

On December 9th I announced a contest to solve a challenge proposed by James Tanton.

STEM skills - science, technology engineering and math - hold the key to tomorrow's innovation. To help students learn tomorrow's job skills, Wild About Math! has teamed-up with Texas Instruments to give away a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition graphing calculator with GraphiTI package. To learn more about TI-84 graphing calculators or other TI products, visit: http://education.ti.com. To learn more about STEM careers, visit: http://education.ti.com/studentzone.

The problem was harder than I thought it would be. I got two submissions and only one was correct. So, I didn't need random.org to tell me who to award the prize to.

Our winner is Daniel Chiquito from North Carolina. Congratulations, Daniel!

Here's a PDF document with Daniel's solution.

I do have one comment on Daniel's solution. It's technically not a formula but an algorithm since it introduces a special case. The Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (http://oeis.org/A000037), overcomes the issue with this formula:

floor(1/2 *(1 + sqrt(4*n-3)))+ n

I have another TI giveaway contest coming up in January so stay tuned.

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