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March Math Exploration Group in Santa Fe

If you're in the Santa Fe area come check out my free monthly gatherings. The next one is March 16th.

Come explore mathematical ideas in a creative way that combines left- and right-brained ways of perceiving.

Whether you love math or wish you could, come to our monthly gatherings where we’ll use guided explorations and other techniques to solve interesting problems. The aim is to make math fun and understandable. We’ll cover several topics each meeting and we’ll do so in a lively way. Plus, we’ll leave no student, child or adult, behind. Each exploration will have sufficient depth to allow everyone to learn something. And, while we’re going deep we’ll keep it simple.

I'll be hosting our next Math Exploration Group on Wednesday March 16th at 7pm. We'll dive deeply into a very simple yet rich topic, parity. Parity refers to things that have two states, like even or odd, or black or white. You'll be absolutely delighted to discover what interesting problems present themselves in the exploration of parity. We'll play games and do fun explorations that will give you the experience of the joy of Math much beyond anything you've ever studied in school.

All Math Exploration Groups are suitable for motivated middle school students as well as for adults.

Your mathematical guide is Santa Fe resident Sol Lederman, author of the very popular Wild About Math! blog. Sol is also a recent Citizen Teacher at De Vargas Middle School where he taught a hands-on apprenticeship, Mad Math Magic, that sparked a sense of wonder through easy-to-make tricks that have a mathematical basis. While Sol makes his living in the computer industry, his true passion is transforming bad relationships with math through lively explorations that expose the joy.

Directions are here: http://sfcomplex.org/contact-us