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Must-see TED glimpse at the future of education

This TED talk by Salman Khan totally blew me away. Check it out.

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  1. I think having the videos is great, and I think having kids look at them before and after the lesson is as well – but I am not with him at all about the next steps.

    Some of my students have been supplementing with videos. I would like to find a reasonable way to have more do it.

    I would not give up the classroom lecture, with student-driven questions, with me pushing students to develop the next topic, for anything.

    Last Friday I pushed them to derive double angle and half-angle formulas. Contrast that with watching someone else do it? No. As I told them (not having seen this talk) you can teach yourself to apply a couple of formulae, that’s not what I am here for.

  2. Actually, I strongly recommend watching a string of videos. I am both more impressed by how much is covered, and less impressed with the overall quality, and the lack of ability to reapproach anything from any but the exact same angle.

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