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Wild About Math bloggers 3/18/11

I hope you all had a great Pi Day!

I learned from the 360 Blog that Brainfreeze Puzzles is running a Pi Day contest. No, you didn't miss the deadline. Entries are due on June 1, 2011. Check it out!

Vi Hart joins the Tau Day bandwagon with a great video, Pi is (still) Wrong.

Antonio Cangiano has a review of You Can Count on Monsters at Math-blog.com. Here's a brief description of the book from Publisher's Weekly:

This compact, innovative book counts to 100 using prime numbers represented as monsters, each with identifying characteristics (two resembles a bee with two buggy eyes, and three is an angry-looking triangular creature). The book opens with explanations of multiplication, prime and composite numbers, and factor trees, then moves on to a list of numbers. Each prime number looks unique, while composite numbers are represented by scenes involving their prime monsters (eight is illustrated as three of the beelike twos, i.e., two times two times two. Readers may have difficulty deciphering the pictures, which come to resemble little works of abstract geometric art. But especially for creative learners, visualizing the roles each monster plays may lead to deeper number sense. Ages 4 to 8.

Peter Rowlett has a great article, Links to enthuse about mathematics. The article has a number of interesting resources.

Denise at Let's Play Math! has an innovative game: Times Tac Toe.

photo by jma.work via flickr

Those of you who are into Math software will appreciate this article by Mike Croucher at Walking Randomly.

Patrick at Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks has a brief review of Prime Curios, plus a couple of jokes.

Finally, here's a fun Pi Day video.
Hat tip to Math Mama Writes.

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