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Big Mangahigh announcement

[ Editor's note: Daniel Bauer from Mangahigh.com sent me the announcement below. Note that I have no experience with the site so I'm not endorsing it. But, I think it's worth spreading the word. ]

Hi Sol:

Wanted to share the following with you before we send out the official announcement March 30, 2011

Mangahigh.com, one of the world's first, web-based programs for K12 mathematics - is going to be announcing publicly on March 30, 2011 that all of our premium features are now available to all K12 schools completely free!

See details below - with budget concerns around the nation and education, we are thrilled to be able to offer the very first complete (content, games, analytics and more) math resource to schools without asking for one penny.

Mangahigh is Free NOW. Any School / Teacher can go to www.mangahigh.com and create their school account.

See details below; we hope that you will help us by getting the word out before our National Press Announcement on March 30, 2011. Please call me if you have any questions.



What is Mangahigh.com?

Mangahigh is a free online teaching resource for mathematics. It uses games-based learning to encourage students to enjoy math, think harder and put more work in. Mangahigh is designed for use in schools: students are grouped into classes, and teachers have all the tools they need to set homework and analyze results.

When was Mangahigh created?

Mangahigh is quite new and was launched in the US in December 2009. The company was founded in 2008.

Who is behind Mangahigh?

Mangahigh is a joint venture between online games people and math academics. Toby Rowland, Co-Founder and formerly Co-CEO of King.com is the CEO & Founder of Mangahigh.

A complete list of the team: http://www.mangahigh.com/en_us/about/meettheteam

Is Mangahigh a US company?

We’re an UK based company, though we actually have more US traffic than UK traffic right now. We have an office in New York City, where Daniel Bauer, our Director of Schools - North America - is based.

Why is Mangahigh different?

Mangahigh is unique because:

· Mangahigh is completely free for teachers and students, and is the only online resource required for a math classroom, with coverage of almost 450 different math lessons

· The Mangahigh platform is designed to motivate students. Reward mechanisms, like our medals, and responsible competition frameworks like our inter-school challenge system, Fai-To, encourage students to work hard and master key skills on Mangahigh. Students strive to answer harder questions on Mangahigh so they can show off their achievements

· Mangahigh offers 11 completely original and unique math games covering subjects never previously offered in a game format, such as algebra and transformations

· Mangahigh offers real-time formative assessment: questions are seldom or never repeated no matter how often a student practices, so the system cannot be fooled or ‘gamed’

· Mangahigh’s unique teacher tools give teachers the ability to analyze the support needs of all their students with a sophisticated Effort vs. Achievement analysis that can be compared to national averages

· Mangahigh allows teachers to set specific academic challenges within our online math games so that students can immediately work on the math required of them without working through early game levels

Does Mangahigh cover the state and common core standards?

Yes, it does and we are happy to provide an alignment document to anyone upon request. Mangahigh offers around 450 different lessons, comprising some 40,000 questions that teachers can set, covering Grades 2 to 11, and we cover 80% or more of state and national standards. From May 2011, we will offer full integration of state and common core standards, so that teachers can navigate Mangahigh according to the standards they want to set.

Does Mangahigh offer problem solving or is it simple rote learning?

Mangahigh offers a combination of both conceptual exploration and distributed practice. Students first explore scaffolding – our Learning Pages - that introduces the concepts behind a given topic in an untimed environment, and then practice to their heart’s content. Mangahigh believes in enquiry and problem-solving, but we also encourage hard work and lots of practice.

Are the skills learned on Mangahigh transferable?

Yes, we work very hard to make sure that our site only teaches skills that are required in the classroom or math standards tests, and both Prodigi and our games replicate the math pedagogy that teachers use offline. Mangahigh is proven to enhance performance in written tests, with improvements of between 13% and 48% recorded in research trials in more than 15 schools in the last 12 months.

How many schools are using Mangahigh?

We have around 50,000 students who are actively studying with Mangahigh every month, and hundreds of thousands who just surf the games every now and again.

How does Mangahigh make money?

Right now, in the US, we’re not charging for anything at all. The site is completely free for schools. In the future, we’re going to add a tutoring package for students who want to really push themselves.

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