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Wild About Math bloggers 4/1/11

Welcome to April!

The 9th Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival is hosted at Virtual Math Tutor. Check out this perpetual motion waterwheel I discovered at the Carnival:

Math Teachers at Play 36 is published at Math Hombre.

Check out the article (and video below) of a 12-year old physics genius. The article title refers to the boy as autistic but, if you read the article, you'll learn that the boy has Asperger's Syndrome. HUGE difference. (Hat tip to Shecky.)

Did you know that there many many ways to define what the center of a triangle is? Alex Bellos explains.

Brent at The Math Less Traveled has one of my favorite activities, demonstrating things visually. In this case he's got some challenges with triangular numbers and dots.

Maria at Math Accent has a review of the "Circle on the Road" gathering of Math circles.

Pat at Pat's Blog has an interesting exploration of convergences and limits.

For my finale, here's a fun 69 second cool Math video. Hat tip to Maria.

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