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Wild About Math blogs 4/15/11

Here we go with another edition of Wild About Math Blogs!

Check out this impressive April Fool's video on complex numbers.

Hat tip to Dan.

Carnival of Mathematics #76 has been posted at Walking Randomly.

Check out this great sculpture with 80 pencils!

10-Minute Math has some wonderful illustrations of an "Alphabet book" that teaches young ones about symmetry.

Here's an amazing TED video, Printing a human kidney, that shows an application of 2-D and 3-D geometry.
Hat tip to squareCircleZ.

The Museum of Mathemathics, to open in 2012, has received a $2 million donation from Google.

The Museum of Mathematics started due to the closing of a small museum of mathematics on Long Island, the Goudreau Museum. The Goudreau unfortunately ran out of funds and the entire collection housed in the museum was unfortunately discarded. A group of interested parties known as the “Working Group” made it a goal to create a new museum of mathematics. This group, led by Glen Whitney, an ex-hedge fund employee, discovered that the United States did not have its own math museum and thus started the project of creating the MoMath.

Hat tip to Shecky.

There's a nice discussion of a generalization of the Birthday problem at Alasdair's Musings.

Finally, check out Mathsnacks! Hat tip to Ben Vitale.

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