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Review: Mathematica in Action

[ Editor's note: If you're a Mathematica user you may appreciate a review I just published at my Playing With Mathematica blog. ]

"Stan Wagon and I have exchanged a number of emails about Mathematica. A few messages into the dialogue I realized that I needed to review his latest book: Mathematica® in Action: Problem Solving Through Visualization and Computation. Before I even immersed myself in the book I knew I would like it because I enjoy Stan's playful relationship with Mathematica and I enjoy receiving the simple and elegant little programs that Stan would send me."

Read the review.

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  1. What sorts of elegant little programs did you get? I code Mathematica. I’d certainly like to see some.

  2. Jeremy, I’ll post some code from Stan over time at PlayingWithMathematica.com. Most of what he’s sent me to date has been code to render different kinds of toruses (torii?).

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