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I'm about to make a big change in my life to have my work be aligned with my deep love of Math. Part of that change is going to be about having richer connections with other people who love Math. If you and I have made a nice connection through this blog and if you are a Math person, especially someone who is working to popularize Math, I'd love to be connected with you on LinkedIn. Just click on this link and request that I add you to my network. You can use the email sol dot lederman at gmail dot com. I find LinkedIn to be a great way to connect with people even when they move or change jobs so it's a great way to make connections and to keep them.

Oh, and I'm not closing down this blog.

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  1. I have not found LinkedIn helpful, though you might. (I haven’t looked for work through online connections.)

    I just now deleted my profile there, so I won’t get more requests to connect. Thanks for the nudge.

  2. Well,

    Thanks for creating this blog! Good luck on LinkedIn 🙂

  3. @Sue – I can’t say that I’ve found LinkedIn to be helpful in finding work but I value it for keeping in touch with people. If clicking a link to accept requests that you want and ignoring requests you don’t want bothered you enough to delete your LinkedIn account then you and I definitely have a different relationship to networking. I’ve gotten so many good experiences through networking with others but then networking is my thing.

  4. Hi Sol,

    I have sent a LinkedIn invitation to you.

    It would be good to have a network of like-minded math people working together.

    All the best,

  5. Hi Sol,

    I just sent you an invite to connect. I love the phrase “someone who is working to popularize Math” and hope I can be counted as one of them. I am in the early stages of creating a comic about SAT Math (which is what I tutor most often). Right now, not much is completed, but I’ve also decided to create a directory of Math related comics. All this will be at http://www.ComicMath.com .



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