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A while back I received this email from Jeff Zilahy.

Dear Mr. Lederman,

I came across your blog, Wild about Math, and I too share your enthusiasm for the world of mathematics. In fact, I wrote a popular math book last year that I wanted to bring to your attention. It is called "A Cultural Paradox: Fun in Mathematics". While you can always purchase it at places like Amazon.com, you can also read the entire book for free (and download the PDF if you like) at Google Books. All I ask if you read it and like it to please write me a review. I am a high school math teacher in Philadelphia and I want to write another book so every review counts!

Thanks in advance,

Here's Jeff's introduction to his book.

Do you think "math = awesome" is a true statement? After reading this book, you might change your answer to a yes. With "jargon avoidance" in mind, this recreational math book gives you the lowdown on why math is fun, interesting and relevant in today's society. Intended for anyone who is curious about math and where it is circa 2010. This book is less concerned with exploring the mathematical details than it is with exploring the overall impact of various discoveries and insights, and aims to be insightful, cutting edge-y and mathematically rigorous.

"A Cultural Paradox: Fun in Mathematics" is a fun, light and quick read. It's a nice book for a young person who enjoys Math or science. It appeals to our natural sense of curiosity about math and numbers through enjoyable little stories.

Jeff's book is indeed available at Google Books here. You can buy it as a Google Ebook for $1.99 USD or you can download the PDF for free from this page. Click on the "PDF" link to download the book. And, leave Jeff a review.

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