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New math book makes its debut on Fibonacci Day

Today is 11/23, which some call Fibonacci Day. I received an email a few days ago from a Mr. Tony Gonzalez who has translated a very popular Japanese math book into English. I did receive a PDF review copy and liked what I saw but will wait to receive a printed copy before reading and reviewing. Here's Tony's email and press release. Tony, I wish you much success.

Hi, Sol.

My name is Tony Gonzalez. I'm a former math teacher (which is how I came to know your blog), but I'm now working mainly as a translator and publisher. I'm writing to let you know about a book that I translated and my company will be publishing next week, "Math Girls". We will be releasing the book on 11/23, "Fibonacci Day", perhaps making it a good topic for a blog post on that day?

I'm taking the liberty of sending you a press release announcing the publication (below). That should give you the rough details, but if you have any questions do please feel free to contact me by email, or you can get more information about the book at our website, bentobooks.com.

Thank you!



Press release
--- For immediate release ---

New young adult novel combines light romance with advanced mathematics

Austin, TX—November 18, 2011 To most students the words “math book” conjure up images of thick textbooks filled with boring drills and bewildering word problems. Japanese author Hiroshi Yuki turned that image on its head by combining the rigor of a mathematics text with the drama of teenage romance in his unique novel, Math Girls. First published in Japan in 2007, the book has since gone through eighteen printings and spawned three sequels, comic adaptations, and even fan-created music videos.

These books have until now remained solely a Japanese phenomenon, but US publisher Bento Books today announced its release of the English translation of Math Girls. “This book fills a gap in what’s out there for students interested in going beyond the basics,” said Math Girls translator and former math teacher Tony Gonzalez. “The transition from the math taught in high school to the methods and language of serious mathematics can be daunting, but Math Girls makes it fun and engaging.”

Math Girls introduces readers to a wide range of subjects, from the Fibonacci series and prime numbers, to more advanced topics like generating functions, integer partitions, and Taylor expansions. Also covered are fundamentals of higher math, such as how to name variables, strategies for tackling complex problems, and the importance of precision in mathematical language. Alongside this heady content is the story of the book’s narrator, one vertex in a love triangle with the “math girls,” the brilliant Miruka and the determined Tetra.

Math Girls will be released on 11/23, “Fibonacci Day”, in hardcover and trade paperback print versions, and digitally as an iPad app. Links to purchase the book, as well as the first two chapters as a free sample, can be found at the publisher’s web site, http://bentobooks.com.

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