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Review: Beautiful Mathematics

Beautiful Mathematics is a collection of interesting mathematical explorations published by the MAA. If you find the following questions (many of which are new to me) intriguing then you'll probably enjoy the book.

  1. Do you know the dimension of Sirpienski's Triangle?
  2. Have you ever explored squaring maps?
  3. What is the Riemann Sphere?
  4. Can you find a formula that associates Fibonacci numbers and Pi?
  5. Can a square be inscribed in any triangle?
  6. What are the first three digits of the millionth Fibonacci number?
  7. Do you know how to construct a regular heptagon using a straight edge, compass, and angle trisecting device?
  8. Can you prove Lagrange's Theorem, that every positive integer is the sum of four squares?
  9. How many triangles are there of perimeter n, where n is an integer, the sides are all integer lengths and the triangles are incongruent?

"Beautiful Mathematics" has nearly 100 challenging investigations, most with elegant solutions presented. Topics include words, images, formulas, theorems, proofs, solutions, and unsolved problems.

The book is available from the publisher in PDF format for half of the price of the hardback book.

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  1. $34.50 for the pdf. Not for me. I wish someone would convince the MAA that they could make more money by charging less.

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