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Matt Lane – Math Goes Pop!

I received this email yesterday from Matt Lane of Math Goes Pop! I really like what Matt is up to, exposing how Math is an integral (pun intended) part of popular culture. Matt is one of those Math geeks who is also an outstanding communicator - and he likes my blog - so, with his permission, I'm publishing his email.

Hey Sol,

My name is Matt Lane, I'm a PhD candidate in mathematics from UCLA, and am also the founder of Math Goes Pop! (www.mathgoespop.com), a blog that explores the (surprisingly rich) intersection between math and pop culture. Among other things, I've written about Futurama, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Parks and Recreation. I also have a paper coming out in a forthcoming collection of essays on math and pop culture (see here). More info about me can be found on the Math Goes Pop website. I just became aware of your site through your Keith Devlin interview, and wanted to drop you a line and let you know that you can consider me one of your newest fans. I dig your work, so I thought I'd introduce myself. Here's to making cyberspace a little less lonely!

All the best,

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  1. Thanks, Sol. Matt’s blog is great, just read his latest post on football and stats. Listening to your Keith Devlin podcast right now – I’m jealous.

    I did have one kid (5 years ago) asked me what was the use of what we were doing, but I beg to differ that I’d failed. This kid asked the question because it was sorely obvious to everyone else in the class (algebra) that he didn’t belong since he was still having trouble with his multiplication table.

    Math as story telling, yes!!! Thanks, Sol.

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