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The BYU Mathletes

I recently got this email about the BYU Mathletes and I thought I'd share it. The rap video is great.


I recently saw that you highlighted Matt Lane and pointed out that he has a blog that looks at the intersection between math and pop culture.

Recently at my school (BYU) we created a video that epitomizes this. We have some amazing mathletes at our school and we wanted to find a fun way to highlight their accomplishments, so we created a math rap video. Here it is- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AGT4M3Z1OM and here is some more info on the mathletes- http://bit.ly/BYUmathletes I’m sure this is something that your readers and listeners would enjoy!


Matt Hopkins
Brigham Young University

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  1. Fun! Now if we could just charge admission to see our mathletes compete.

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