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Pi Day Music Video

Another fan letter, this one from Jimmy Pascascio of Music Notes Online. As regular readers know I rarely plug commercial math ventures. I'm making an exception here because I like what these folks are doing. And, it's a great fit for a Pi Day post. Enjoy!

Hello Sol,

I came across your blog and noticed that you recently posted a music video from the BYU Mathletes about Pi. I am a teacher in Los Angeles and, along with a couple colleagues, I have an educational music company that has created a series of math songs and videos. I thought I would pass along our own Pi music video for you to take a look at and possibly share. The link is youtu.be/vG8iARxjHxs Considering Pi Day is upon us, now seems like an appropriate time to have an extra serving of Pi! Keep up the great work on your blog.

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