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Vickie Kearn – Inspired by Math #8

About Vickie Kearn: (From The Princeton University Press Blog.) "You and math – one of the greatest love/hate relationships of all time. What is it about the subject that excites us yet sends a chilling tingle down our spine at the same time? How can it be so precise, yet so fickle? We may never know the answers to these questions, but we do know that math is ubiquitous, though some of us may try to hide from it.

We also know that there are those who thrive off the subject, who can’t get enough of it. PUP Executive Editor Vickie Kearn is one of those people. After all, since 2001, her job here at the Press has been acquiring the best titles in mathematics – and even before she came to PUP, she spent her whole life surrounded by numbers and equations. While math may sometimes cause us to cry tears of despair, it has caused Vickie to cry tears of joy. Her love of math started as a natural childhood talent, became a pleasantly surprising college benefit, and eventually grew into a career – one that she has dedicated to making the pursuit of mathematical knowledge easier and more enjoyable.

As part of our continuing series of Q&As with our Science and Reference Editors for Princeton Global Science, we found out more about Vickie’s publishing and math background. Read her truly illuminating answers below: More."

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