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Help get this film into every public middle school

My good friends, Scott and Jen, at Imagine Education have produced an educational film, The Biggest Story Problem. I had the opportunity recently to attend a private screening of the film. The documentary does an outstanding job of identifying a number of the issues that make the American math education system seriously challenged. Many of these were new to me. More importantly, this is not a "doom and gloom" film. Scott and Jen offer hope for our future and not in some abstract or hypothetical way. Scott has spent years as a classroom teacher. He's engaged students in amazing ways, through exciting and sophisticated role playing games. He and Jen have taken the powerful idea of role playing to develop Ko's Journey, a rite-of-passage math education game. (I interviewed the two for my podcast series.) These two are really onto something.

Check out this trailer for "The Biggest Story Problem."


If you feel as inspired as I do please contribute to the goal of getting a copy of the film into every public middle school in the U.S. Be part of spreading this important message. You can sponsor a school here.

You might also enjoy this Youtube video preview of Ko's Journey.

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