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Of frolics and tangos

Shecky over at Math Frolic has been getting antsy. One blog isn't enough for him. Now there's Math Tango!

From the welcome post:

WELCOME Math-Frolickers!… MathTango is intended (and it'll be a bit of an experiment) to be the new residence for longer, more original entries that were occasionally posted at Math-Frolic (including book reviews, interviews, and just lengthier posts in general). Math-Frolic will continue to be a linkblog for quick links to mathematical content that I find interesting and wish to pass along, as well as a portal to many other sites/pages, and will continue posting several entries per WEEK. MathTango, on-the-other-hand, is intended to have only a few postings per MONTH.
Tomorrow, the first post appears (a book review).

I look forward to following Shecky's new baby blog.

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