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Julie Rehmeyer – Inspired by Math #21

Over the years I've enjoyed Julie Rehmeyer's craft of weaving together serious mathematics into stories that engage those of us who enjoy popular math and science. I recently had the chance to interview Julie and discovered that her exuberance for math is just as great as her talent for writing. Listen to the podcast and see if you agree.

About Julie Rehmeyer

Julie Rehmeyer writes about mathematics and science for Science News, Wired, Discover and other magazines. Her work appeared in The Best Writing on Mathematics 2010. Before becoming a math writer, she taught math and the classics at St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and before that, she studied algebraic topology at MIT. In her spare time, she's built her own strawbale house, run a marathon, and mentored foster children.

If you'd like to get in touch with Julie, here's her email. She's happy to connect with listeners of her podcast. [Spambot-resistant image provided by: E-mail Icon Generator.]

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  1. Nice to hear your podcast and learn that the I Hate Mathematics! Book and Math for Smarty Pants were helpful to Julie. That makes my heart sing. I wrote the I Hate Mathematics! Book 40 years ago(!), and I’m still working to make the world better for children through mathematics, now blogging and tweeting.

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