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Erica Klarreich – Inspired by Math #22

Erica Klarreich's name came up a couple of times when I asked people who I should interview for the podcast series. So, I looked her up and was impressed with the in depth articles she had written for Scientific American and a number of other publications.

Enjoy this 22nd "Inspired by Math" podcast.

About Erica Klarreich

Adapted from Erica's web-site:
Erica Klarreich has been writing about mathematics and science for a popular audience for more than ten years. A mathematician before she became a full-time journalist, she writes primarily about mathematics, but has also written about a wide range of other scientific fields, including economics, computer science, medicine and biology.

As a freelance journalist based in Berkeley, California, she has written for many publications, including Nature, New Scientist, American Scientist, and Science News, for which she was the mathematics correspondent for several years. She has also served as the Journalist-in-Residence at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley. Her work has been reprinted in the anthologies The Best Writing on Mathematics 2010 and The Best Writing on Mathematics 2011.

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