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Ken Fan – Inspired by Math #29

This podcast is an experimental one in that I didn't script the questions the way I usually do. My guest, Ken Fan, and I both decided in advance that we'd go with the flow. And, in my judgment, this is the best podcast I've done -- it felt very natural. Ken is a great guy with a sincere desire to improve girls' experience of math education. And, he's created an organization to manifest his great vision. I absolutely love it when a PhD level mathematician decides that high school education is important enough to dedicate himself to it.

If you've never heard of Ken or Girls' Angle you're in for a treat.

About Ken Fan

Girls' AngleKen Fan is the president and founder of Girls' Angle, a nonprofit math club for girls based in Cambridge, Massachusetts (www.girlsangle.org). He received a doctoral degree in mathematics from MIT under the supervision of George Lusztig and was a Benjamin Peirce assistant professor of mathematics at Harvard before leaving academia to pursue a career as an oil painter. To pay the bills, he began freelancing in math educational publishing in various capacities. His experiences as a freelancer as well as an opportunity to volunteer for Science Club for Girls inspired him to create a comprehensive math educational program for girls. He may be reached at girlsangle "at" gmail.com.

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