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Kiki Prottsman – Inspired by Math #31

When I interviewed Ken Fan of Girls' Angle I learned about Kiki and her wonderful work. Kiki is passionate about improving people's relationships to computers, beyond basic literacy to programming and understanding how computers think. While our interview was largely about computers and not math, we both realized that at the core of both is a blend of logical and creative thinking.

Kiki's passion for changing experiences, especially those of young girls, is contagious. Listen and tell us if you agree.

About Kiki Prottsman

kikiDetermined to change the face of STEM in a positive way, Kiki is a champion for responsible computing and equity in both STEM employment and education.

Having dedicated her life to showing women how impressive they are, Kiki is an active role model on FabFems. Her enthusiasm for science and technology become contagious as she introduces under-represented participants to unlikely subjects.

With experience using both sides of her  brain, Kiki came to computer science for the artistry of problem solving.  She spends her days not only as the Executive Director and Founder of Thinkersmith, but also teaching computer science to undergraduates at the University of Oregon.

Kiki's Links

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