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At age 43 I find myself leaving a 25 year career in high tech that started with my first paying computerSol Lederman programming job when I was a freshman at Stanford University. Friends and family wonder what's next. I do too.

Math has always been my first love. I remember solving my first magic square puzzle in elementary school and being so overjoyed. Later, in junior high school and high school I had very inspiring Math teachers that encouraged me to dive deeper into Math exploration. The attitude stuck! My career in computers pales in comparison when I consider the joy I get from solving Math problems, teaching others how to solve Math problems, and inspiring others with a sense that there's much more to Math than the dry and painful all-left-brain stuff they were forced to endure in school.

What I do know is that this next chapter in my life is about doing Math, playing with Math, sharing Math, and inspiring others with a joy of Math. The form is "under construction" by life and will unfold in a way that I'm sure will surprise and delight me. That much I know and trust.

This blog is an expression of the delight I see all over in all things mathematical.

I am available for in-person mentoring and tutoring in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area and by telephone, email and interactive tools for doing Math together in real-time over the web for remote folks. My favorite areas are high school Math, including contest preparation, and Math SAT prep.

In terms of credentials for helping others with Math, here are some relevant ones:

  • Majored in Math as an undergrad at Stanford (completed 75% of the program before life took me in other directions)
  • Am currently mentoring two high school students to increase their problem-solving skills and their appreciation of Math
  • Scored 760 out of 800 in the Math SAT
  • Attended the prestigious summer Ross Math Program in 1979 and 1980
  • Graduated from the Bronx High School of Science in NYC where I excelled in Math and made the school Honor Roll in the MAA contest, now the American Mathematics Competitions, my senior year
  • Have tutored high school Math and statistics
  • Have contributed nearly 200 solutions to high school algebra problems presented by Algebra.com students under the moniker joyofmath
  • Do several challenging Math problems every week to indulge my passion and to improve my problem-solving abilities
  • Co-taught a Math SAT prep class in California

Credentials aside, my real gift in Math is in helping others to see it, touch it, appreciate it with their own eyes and hands. In my computer career I was always the one who would take the complicated ideas the techies came up with and translate them into information the rest of us could understand. I'm a communicator. I always look to understand how and why something works and I teach from that perspective. I also believe that anxiety plays a huge role in Math difficulties and that helping students to develop a better relationship with Math will greatly lower their anxieties and will lead to more enjoyment of Math and better grades and test scores.

In case you were wondering, I do have a life beyond Math. I do Olympic-style weight lifting at Carl and Sandra's Gym in Santa Fe. I hike the many beautiful trails in the area. I'm learning Tai Chi. I love dogs.

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