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If you have a Math-related web-site or blog …

I'd like to spread some holiday cheer. If you have a web-site that is predominantly Math-related and mostly non-commercial - a few ads are ok if you have lots of good content and aren't mainly a money-making site - then let's consider an article or blogroll swap.

Here's what I have in mind:

  • You leave me a comment on this blog post with your blog or web-site address. You also leave your email address but only I will see it.
  • I look at your site. If it meets my two criteria - mostly Math-related and mostly non-commercial - then I'll write to you.
  • You write a one or two paragraph review of my site as a blog article (or a few sentences on your web-site if your site is not a blog.)
  • I, in turn, write a short review of your site. I will clearly identify in my little article that I'm doing this as an exchange so that my article is not construed as an endorsement of your site. I invite you to do the same.
  • I link to your site and you link to mine.
  • We each pick the anchor text we would like the other to use in linking to one another's site. Don't worry if you don't know what that means.
  • If you would like to do a blogroll exchange and not an article exchange, I'm fine with that. We could certainly also do both.

Why am I offering exchanges? I'm interested in getting more links, more readers and more traffic to my site and I'd like to educate readers about other Math sites.

Consider that Wild About Math! has a Google PageRank of 5, which is pretty decent and that this blog has over 600 RSS readers. An article and a link would serve us both well.

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24th Carnival of Mathematics

The 24th Carnival of Mathematics is available at Ars Mathematica.

There are 13 articles in this edition including submissions from bloggers who are new to me.

Check it out.

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Kindred blog

The Blogosphere contains a number of Math-related blogs. One that caught my attention was The Math LessThe Math Less Traveled Traveled (an obvious pun on "The Road Less Traveled"). Author Brent Yorgey is a software developer and former Math and Computer Science instructor. Yorgey's blog has a number of delightful posts that arouse curiosity about Math. The blog is aimed at High School students although adults will enjoy it as well. The blog reads like a good book of Mathematical excursions - many posts serve as self-contained sparks of inspiration towards exploration. Yorgey explains mathematical concepts clearly and relates very well to his young audience. Clearly Yorgey delights in communicating ideas to students.

Excursions topics include:

  • Fibonacci numbers and the related golden mean
  • Patterns in Pascal's triangle
  • Triangular numbers
  • Sums of sequences
  • Tetrahedral numbers

I was delighted to discover Math Less Traveled as Yorgey and I share the sense of joy and beauty in mathematical exploration. And, we both take pleasure in sharing the joy, in inspiring others to get psyched about Math.

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