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Math cheat sheets on the web

While surfing the web I discovered this very cool 10 page Math cheat sheet!

Read this doc on Scribd: Math cheat sheet - by Dr Seiden

You can download the PDF file here.

Scoring this gem led me to wonder if there were other Math cheat sheets. In particular, I was looking for concise lists of formulas for various subjects. PDF was my first choice for file type.

The best source I found was Paul's Online Math Notes, which has algebra, trig, and calculus cheat sheets.

And, Amazon has this silly Math Cheat Sheet T-Shirt:
Math cheat sheet t-shirt


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The 7 top free Math homework help sites

This article presents the best resources I know of for free homework help with helpful background information for each. As you read on you'll see that there's something for everyone on this list, everything from help with kindergarden and elementary school Math to help with very advanced mathematics.

My intent when preparing to write this article was to find 10 really good Math homework help forums but, after doing a fair amount of research, I only found 7 that met my standards. Before listing them I'll share my criteria for site selection, and some etiquette tips that will get you or your child better help faster. And, I'll give some cautionary information for kids about being safe on the Net.