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Addendum to the Gili Rusak & Mary O’Keeffe podcast

Mary O'Keeffe has an article in the Albany Area Math Circle blog expanding on some of the discussion in our recent podcast. And, her daughter Catherine created a transcript of the recording. The transcript is annotated with comments that may be of interest to listeners.

Mary's article, Doing justice to describing the work of other math circles that have inspired us elaborates on the contributions and inspiration that Ken Fan and many others have made to help her math circle to thrive.

I'll be interviewing Ken Fan for the "Inspired by Math!" series. And, I plan to seek out the other people who have inspired the folks in the Albany Area and shine the spotlight on those who are willing.

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An interview with the Chaos Film Makers

I recently interviewed two of the three makers of the computer-animated Chaos movie, Jos Leys and Étienne Ghys. (The third movie maker, Aurélien Alvarez, couldn't join the interview.) My intent was to turn the interview into an "Inspired by Math!" podcast but we were not able to get good audio quality so I had the interviewed transcribed.

This is a two-hour math movie, divided into nine 13-minute sections. It is really well animated and will hold the interest of viewers of all ages. It is a film about dynamical systems, the butterfly effect and chaos theory.

Here are some of the questions we discussed:

  1. What inspired the two of you (and Aurélien) to create Chaos? What is exciting to you about chaos? Also, tell us about your Dimensions film.
  2. Please explain to our listeners what the film is about and who would enjoy it.
  3. Where does your excitement for math and physics originate from? Please share your stories of how you got inspired about physics.
  4. What inspired you to do animation?
  5. Tell us about the process and the technology you used to make the film. And, how long did it take to make it?
  6. What advice would you give to people who want to get into computer animation of mathematical ideas?
  7. First there was Dimensions. Now there's Chaos. What is your next big project?

Click here to enjoy the text of the interview.

You may remember these film makers from their 2008 movie, Dimensions.

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