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An SAT math problem with logic, algebra, and inequalities

Inspired by a post at College Confidential.

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An interesting SAT math triangle problem

This is my first foray into making videos on solving interesting SAT problems.

I saw an SAT math problem at College Confidential which essentially says this:

"A triangle has two sides of length 6 and 7. Which of the following could the area of the triangle possibly be?"

And then it gives three choices and ask which of the choices the triangle's area can be.

What do you think? Do you find it helpful?

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Challenging probability SAT Math problem

Can you solve this not-so-easy probability problem?

Do you know of other challenging problems?

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Another hard SAT Math problem

I discovered another tricky SAT Math problem. See if you can solve the "432" problem. There's an easy and a hard way to solve this one. I first show the hard way so that you can all appreciate the easy way! I'll show the easy way in the next post at SATMathBlog.com.

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A tricky SAT problem

Those of you who are planning to take the SATs in the fall (and those of you who like tricky geometry problems) might enjoy "One cube, many questions" at my new SAT Math Blog. I'm on the lookout for interesting problems that have some depth to them and that lead to exploration. I found that in this problem that I stole from Dave Marain.

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